What is Bingsu??

Have you ever heard about Bingsu? 
I'm sure that most people already know Bingsu is Korean dessert but do you know how Bingsu different from other snow ice?

Today, we're going to tell you about 'Bingsu'.
Bingsu is a traditional dessert in Korea. And Bingsu is very popular especially during summer in Korea. Because Bingsu made from fine flavors shaved iced,  such as milk, chocolate, yogurt.
Topping ingredients that may includes fruits cocktail, red bean, Ingeolmi, fresh fruits, cereal flakes, Ice cream or whichever you like. Some Bingsu will also come with condensed milk or sweet fruits syrup to put over the Bingsu.

This is the reason why Bingsu is very popular in Korea and very famous in Thailand. 

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The early forms of Patbingsu, Pat means red bean in Korean language the cause that it called 'Patbingsu' because the main ingredients is red bean paste. Patbinsu consisted of shaved pure ice and two or three ingredients, such as red bean paste, fruits cocktail, and condensed milk on top.


Injeomi Bingsu made from milk flavor shaved iced  and two or three ingredients, generally topped with red bean paste, Injeolmi ttoek, and soybean powder. 


Until few years ago, there was only patbingsu, but now people are making other kinds of Bingsu like Injeolmi, brownie, mango, etc. As others, we developed our own ice recipe and let customers make their own. 
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